When your life is a Saturday

There’s this sort of breathlessness between the Cross and the Empty Tomb. A weighted, tight-lunged, pursed-lip hold. A pause. A full stop. Can you feel it? The day the disciples trembled, gathered…were silent. They couldn’t have had much to say to each other. Jesus…dead…Jesus…dead…Jesus…dead. What is the world like when the Son of Man isContinue reading “When your life is a Saturday”

When you preach the Gospel, the end

Obviously, I could keep going on (and on and on and on) about the impact of preaching the Gospel to yourself every day. It’s that important, that central – when we explore the vast implications of the God of the Universe sacrificing his Son on the cross, that Son who rose again, it changes¬†everything. TheContinue reading “When you preach the Gospel, the end”