The face of the earth

I know. I know. It’s been a while…again.   But I promise, I haven’t disappeared. Or stopped writing.   I’ve started writing for my church’s website. You can check it out here:¬†   And while you are there, poke around a little bit. We do church a little differently, and it’s totally changed my perspectiveContinue reading “The face of the earth”

styrofoam lipton and married names

I’m still getting used to this new last name. It’s bulky, only a letter longer than maiden Ritschard, but so many more syllables. Can-na-ri-a-to. My signature is sloppy, spilling over the lines with the bulk of all these new vowels. “You’re just finishing writing that name by the time the test is done,” he jokes.Continue reading “styrofoam lipton and married names”