When Christians are health nuts, The Prequel

So I think it’s time to dust off this baby and get back to blogging…I’ve just recently completed a transfer at work, so my energy and inspiration levels for writing have been a little low, of late. But now? Now I’ve got another little series for you… And this one? This one may just beContinue reading “When Christians are health nuts, The Prequel”

When your life is a Saturday

There’s this sort of breathlessness between the Cross and the Empty Tomb. A weighted, tight-lunged, pursed-lip hold. A pause. A full stop. Can you feel it? The day the disciples trembled, gathered…were silent. They couldn’t have had much to say to each other. Jesus…dead…Jesus…dead…Jesus…dead. What is the world like when the Son of Man isContinue reading “When your life is a Saturday”