for my friends (and friends yet-to-be)

Friendships are funny things. I’ve been thinking a lot about the tide of friendships, the coming and going of them, over the last year. Thom and I have reached the point in our adulthood where lifestyle-choices, faith-based choices, family choices – all choices – are adding and subtracting close friends, left and right. We’ve weatheredContinue reading “for my friends (and friends yet-to-be)”

When the best is yet to come

This post is dedicated especially to my readers who are pre-marriage (but don’t go anywhere, married folks…I think you’ll be challenged and encouraged by it, too). This post started with a conversation I had with my mom during a hike a few months back. She and my dad have this beautiful, soul-mate, meant for eachContinue reading “When the best is yet to come”