when all I’ve got is guilt to give

The thing that’s had me on my knees this holiday season, worship-weeping, is that little baby in a manger. God-Incarnate. The thought that the Lord of Heaven’s Armies would fold himself into soft t0-dust baby-smell vulnerability and enter the most refuse-filled place of our world. The very highest, very mightiest, very most glorious I AMContinue reading “when all I’ve got is guilt to give”

high winds and ugandan hopes

I have never seen such smiles, white smiles beaming out of dark faces, sparkling and reflecting off eyes, twinkling through round cheeks. Such joy, such exuberance, such laughter, such dancing. Until. Until they begin to tell their stories. Until they speak in tear-streaks down faces of the abandonment, the love-lost life of an orphan. UntilContinue reading “high winds and ugandan hopes”