Five Minute Fridays: Story

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What a perfect word for this day, story. The day I think about my story and what Jenni means and who God meant when He thinks of me. When I think of my mother, and how she labored and willed me into the delivery room, and my father terrified this first time through the push and pull of new life.

And how they held me and wondered who I would be and then left that up to God.

Or my husband – if his three-year-old-day was brighter because it was the day his wife was born.

I think of the the past year – the thousand moments adding up to make me older again, wiser again. Or next year, in all of its brand-spanking-newness and unknowns and the unceasing march towards thirty.

And then I wonder if the moments meant what they were supposed to mean…until I remember that we live in the overlap and the Kingdom is here, packing ordinary days full of eternity.

I…a daughter, wife, woman…history repeating but always unique and always significant.

photo by Will Clayton, flickr creative commons
photo by Will Clayton, flickr creative commons


  1. Kimberly says:

    Beautiful 🙂 Happy birthday!

  2. Jani Ritschard says:

    What a blessed day…I such a young woman, such a young wife and becoming such a young mother….so frightened, so amazed. Such an adventure…such a challenge, so very proud of myself, of you. You were so beautiful, so perfect, so small. I couldn’t believe God would trust me with such an incredible treasure…to do my best and make mistakes. It didn’t seem fair to you…but it was a wonderful journey. Did you ever think of how much you influenced who I am today? Happy birthday, you are such a beautiful creation and I am blessed to be your mom. Can you believe we shared eight months in such a small space together and didn’t even become cross? 🙂

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